Sunday, December 5, 2010

This is Kyle's dad doing the update this time.
ASU football season is over. We are very thankful for FOJ and ASU football for everything.
We had 2 tv interviews one local for Fox Sports AZ and the other for a program called Running with the Pac. A great article from a great new friend Nick.

Then at the UCLA game fox sports did a half time spot on him. During the UA game Rece Davis gave a "shout out" on him. When we got selected with the team it was not in our wildest dreams for all of this. We are very happy to get FOJ, ASU football, and NF information out there to people who have never heard of it.
Kyle is doing well and enjoys seeing his "Sparky Friends" and running all over the field before the game. Thank you to all the players who took time to come over and play with him at home and on the field.
I now have 3 teams in college football. 1. Texas Aggies. 2. ASU. 3. Whoever plays t.u.
Thank you all for your support and prayers. We are forever thankful for everyone who reads this and enjoys the updates.

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