Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Ok this post is a little old but I am finally getting around to posting it.....

Last week (July 16th)we took Kyle to his (well all of ours first) first Camp for NF. We attended a family camp put on by NF Arizona Incorporated. Camp NFirework!!! It was awesome. It was held up in beautiful Prescott! We were able to attend Saturday night-Monday. We already cant wait for next year!

I truly never would have guessed how much a couple days could change so much. The people we met were incredible. What an amazing support group. Everyone was so nice and genuine. We even received several offers for new babysitters (they even gave us all their contact info) Bennett and I are dreaming of possible date nights now!! ha ha

You felt such a connection as you knew of these families were all effected with NF also. They understood the anxiety, the medical procedures and all the doctors appointments. They understand the daily dealing with NF because they have lived it. There is a certain kind of quiet power and peace that comes from knowing that. At times nothing even needs to be said because it is felt.

Kyle made a great friend while there, Jack. Jack and Kyle were inseparable from day one. From the minute they met. Kyle ran up to Jack and showed him his arm. He then asked Jack do you have spots like me? And gave him a big hug!! Jack doesnt have NF but his mom and older brother does. They spent the rest of camp together and sharing their treasures with each other. Kyle loves Glo Sticks, so we had taken up several. Kyle got the green ones (of course) and Jack got all the yellow ones. Kyle still asks for Jack and we are going to get those little buddies together for sure.

I am so grateful for camps like this and now I am even more excited to send him to camps when he is older and as we continue to attend the family camps. I can not even imagine how much strength, growth and life long friendships that await Kyle at these camps. It truly gives me the chills to think about.

We also received Kyle's acceptance letter into the Prekindergarten program! I am SO excited!!!! I love love school. I have a passion for school and even weirder I have a passion for school supplies!! ha ha No really, ask anyone! I have already gotten Kyle's backpack and some supplies, I cant wait for open house!!! I have been working with him this summer and he can spell his name and spell mom & dad, count to 15, can do simple addition and subtraction, we are working on telling time and even throwing in some science and are working on the body. Kyle is fascinated by the body and his bones, blood, etc. I imagine this comes from all his doctors appointments and procedures. Love that little kid!!!!

That is about all for now. Kyle doesnt have an MRI or eye appointment until October!!! But we will continue to update (especially since ASU Football season is getting ready to kick off in about a month!!!!)

We hope you all have enjoyed a great summer so far!!!

The Oden's

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