Sunday, December 13, 2009

Be Brave Daddy

In the beginning of treatment our nurse Annie gave us some gloves and a little plastic syringe to bring home and let Kyle play with and become comfortable with. At first he didnt want anything to do with them. They were put aside and forgotten. Then one day he found them and put the gloves on to wash mommy's or daddy's owie but when we tried "kyles" turn he would rip the gloves off and run to the trash. Bennett will bring gloves home from work occasionally in his pockets. Again Kyle finds them and we go through the routine or Kyle washing mommy's or daddy's but never Kyle. Well this morning Kyle came up and washed mommoy's owie and went to the bedroom to do daddy's. So I went to check on my boys because I heard daddy being upset about the owie. By the time I got there Kyle was actually letting daddy wash Kyle's owie!!! He started to fuss and daddy told him "be brave". So then Kyle showed mommy how he washed daddy's owie and Kyle soothed daddy and told him "be brave" It was such a wonderful moment and I hope that this means it will get easier for Kyle.

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